Your Story doesn’t have to be hard. Try these 8 Tips

I was celebrating Hump Day today and catching up on my Social Media when I came across a very sad post from my colleague Mary Corbett. Her mum had passed away, and she had the intuition to accept the thoughts and challenges that came up for her during that difficult week.

A Valentines Day Message – A day to do what you love, a year to love what you do

I love what I do! I predominantly help others learn, grow and grow through their learning. They say that trainers and sales people have similar traits. One of them (they say) is that of a need for validation. I say they are right (whoever they are). I say nothing excites me more than someone having a light-bulb moment or someone just “getting it” after spending quality time with me as a Trainer or as a Coach (or both). Continue reading →

It’s all about me – a guide to surviving modern life!

Imagine a world without stress. Imagine a world where no-one is demanding anything from you. Imagine you are the happiest you could possibly be. Can you imagine all that? I hope so, because if you cannot, that is a sure sign that you require some “ME” time.

Happy Christmas from Seefin Coaching 2011

whatever you look forward to this Christmas, make sure you write down at least ONE thing from your wish list, and really tell yourself you will achieve it this coming year!! Go on, it will work, I promise!

Christmas Tips for Managing Stress

If you are stressing about past Christmases, or any past event, then you are relying on memory to provide the stress factors. Those stress factors can limit us in our everyday tasks. If you are stressing about the coming Christmas, or any future event, then you are just imagining it and creating your own stress factors. Based on what? Future event stress is normally based on previous events, so we are back in the past, which is imaginary, remember?